Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCCA) Licensing Information

This is the a volume license agreement, used by some of the UCSB departments for basic Microsoft software.

The MCCA is a UC system wide aggregation of subscriptions that are limited to use on UCSB owned computers. The software is priced by the number of knowledge-worker employees in your department, and all of the participating department employees & department owned computers are covered. The prices are UC wide at the lowest contracted price tier Microsoft offers. This is a NO MEDIA agreement, UC system wide. This is to ensure a no tax liability and to be more ecologically sound, only optionally re-creating media as needed from downloads, if using downloads directly is not functional.

You cannot order pressed DVD's. Just downloads of the disk images of DVD's. We encourage departments to keep a copy of the downloaded media locally for reloads.

MCCA Licensing Terms

  • Departments may lease software based on a knowledge-worker count. This benefits departments that have more computers than staff, and upgrade Microsoft products often. The lease is renewed every year and departments must plan for renewing if they choose to continue to use the subscription (leased) license. Knowledge workers are full-time employees, staff, faculty and researchers. If PostDocs are full-time employees, then then they are counted.
  • It is not possible to license software via this agreement in smaller increments than a complete existing department, division or ORU as in the printed UCSB ¬†phone book. This software is typically ordered months before the start of first use date for new subscribers. This is an annual software rental agreement with a long term commitment of your whole department based upon your payroll.
  • New enrollments and renewals open on March and the deadline for submiting orders is the beginning of May. Consult your renewal letter for deadline dates.
  • MCCA enrollment is effective July 1st each year. ¬†Mid-term new enrollments may also be placed on an irregular basis.
  • All the other changes (Prices and products changing) will happen each March about mid-month.


  • All prices include access to downloads of the software. These prices assume electronic distribution.