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Volume Licensing

A "volume purchase" is a purchase agreement where the rights are acquired to duplicate and distribute a fixed number of copies of a software application. It is similar to a site license, except the number of authorized copies is limited to a set number. Pricing is based on the number of copies licensed.

Frequently, a vendor will reduce the cost per license, as the number of ordered copies increases. Another name for "volume purchase" is "quantity discount." These can be very valuable, though single departments are often not in the position to generate enough interest to make use of such pricing. Thus, COSL will periodically coordinate volume purchases between departments as a means of reducing the unit cost for all interested users.

Site Licensing

A "site license" is a purchase agreement where the rights are acquired to freely duplicate and distribute a software product over an entire site. In our case the "site" usually refers to the UCSB campus: all faculty, staff and students. Because these agreements are usually very costly and payment commitments are difficult to arrange, this campus does not have many site licenses.

Currently, UCSB has two site licenses: Mathematica and SPSS.

Mathematica for Faculty and Staff: to learn more about receiving an activation key to use Mathematica, please contact Help.

Undergraduate Student Licenses.

SPSS for Faculty and Staff: To learn more about obtaining a license and using SPSS, please fill out the license request form found on the Information Technology at UCSB, website. You will need to log in with your UCSB NETID and password. The login button is in the upper right corner of the website. Once you have filled out the short form, you will receive an email with a code andi a link to download the software.

Special Licensing

Special licenses are specific licenses that are coordinated by COSL and not purchased individually through Gateway.

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Other Software Available at UCSB

Esri Arc GIS Software

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