SPSS Licensing Information

UCOP negotiated a contract for SPSS Statistics Premium, providing the UCSB community access to licenses which include 16 modules and AMOS.

License details:

  • The current license available is valid through 6/30/21
  • New codes are available for everyone who fills out the new license request form at  UCSB - SPSS License Request.
  • A new code and instructions for downloading the software will be emailed to you, once your form has been submitted.
  • Information about updates and patches will be posted at the download site.
  • The Premium package includes 16 modules and AMOS.
  • This license is available for Windows and Macintosh. (AMOS is Windows only)
  • New licenses will replace and upgrade current SPSS installs.
  • Help resources (YouTube video)

    to view a short video which will walk you through the steps to install IBM SPSS Statistics. 

    Manuals and installation documentation.