Welcome to the Campus Office of Software Licensing

The Campus Office of Software Licensing (COSL) coordinates site licenses and volume purchases of specialized software to provide discounted pricing. 

Volume licenses are negotiated either independently within our office or in coordination with other UC campuses via the UC-Technology Acquisition Support (UC-TAS) group. 

COSL does not provide procurement services for single purchases of specialized software titles; COSL handles software purchase agreements only if they reach a scale by which significant volume discounts are available. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


The AMOS 27 media and licensing codes are now available for those needing the software to...

  1. SPSS
  2. AMOS

University of California Santa Barbara has renewed our campus-wide license to MATLAB & Simulink. Please click through for instructions on updating your license.

  1. MatLab

The campus MATLAB license was recently renewed for 2020/21. Mathworks has made some changes to campus wide site licensing. Click through for the highlights:

  1. MatLab