Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud access for UC Santa Barbara faculty, staff, and labs has changed with the new Enterprise Terms Licensing Agreement (ETLA).
Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) features access to their entire product line along with updates and access to new features as they are released.


Full Suite Named-User and Shared Device License via ETLA
Available to: Faculty and Staff
Operating Systems: Macintosh and Windows
Adobe Creative Cloud is only available as a full suite license. If you are looking to purchase two or more Adobe Apps separately, it is cost effective to purchase the ETLA licensing. 

What Is Included:

Adobe Console Access
Manage users through the Adobe Console
Provide user access through AD groups (future access to Microsoft Azure AD)
Cloud Storage up to 100 GB per license*
Full Suite Named-User and Shared Device License
Individual Apps not included in ETLA

Campus Agreement:

For ETLA subscription, we have a 3-year commitment and we must purchase the same amount or more licenses during this period. The license can change from SDL to NU and vice versa at renewal, but it cannot go down in quantity.
Attention: Please follow departmental and university guidelines in using online storage that is not managed by UCSB.

Transition from VIP to ETLA

If you have an existing VIP agreement and would like to transition to ETLA, we can still accommodate you. Please email your request to: with your expiration date, and Full Suite Named-User and Shared Device License count. We can plan the transition from your VIP to our ETLA portal.
If your VIP renewal has already taken place, we can add you to our ETLA agreement next year. But if you have any new licenses to order, we can add them throughout the year into our ETLA, so you can benefit from the ETLA savings.
Current VIP Administrators who wish to continue managing their license for the Department or Division's license may do so. For those looking to offload this work LSIT can manage the assignment and removal of these licesnes on your behalf.

Single Applications

If you are looking to purchase a single Adobe CC application, you will still need to continue that through the VIP agreement. However, if you are needing more than 1 individual application (such as both Photoshop and Illustrator) then we encourage acquiring the full suite through the ETLA subscription as it is significantly more cost effective.

Requesting Creative Cloud ETLA

Please email your request to for either a Named-User License or a Shared Device License. Ordering for this year starts on July 24th, 2020 [check date] at a prorated price. Renewals will take place on May of next year and will be for the full year price.  Due to Adobe's terms we cannot publish prices online, so please submit your request and we will provide you a quote with pricing information.

To place a request, please include: 

  • Department or Division
  • Recharge Number
  • Software titles required
For Named User licenses:
  • End user's full name
  • UCSB email address
For Shared Device Licenses:
  • Full name and email of the machine's IT support person
  • IP address of the machine

Student Availability

UCSB Students are not eligible for this program at this time.