Matlab is available for UCSB Faculty and Staff and Students

We now have a site license for MATLAB and 50 of its toolboxes. This covers all the toolboxes used on campus. Anyone at UCSB can use MATLAB for non-commercial purposes on as many machines as they like - both on campus and at home.

The software is now available both through a network license and a downloadable per-computer license. IT staff will find the network license helpful for large installations (labs, computer clusters, etc.) while individuals will want to download a license for use on each of their computers.  To get an individual license go to: the Matlab information page.

You will have to enter your UCSBNetID and password twice, once to get the correct download link and once to log into Box to access the license key and installation instructions.  If you have any problems accessing the instructions or software, please contact the Campus Office of Software Licensing (COSL) at

News Date: 

Friday, October 7, 2016