Software Purchasing


Standard, under a UC-System contract

Software that is available in the Software Favorites section of Gateway:

  • Microsoft Products, including Windows and Office applications
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (perpetual license - separate from the VIP Cloud Apps)

Standard, under a UCSB contract

Software that is available from our Reseller and purchased via Gateway:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud VIP products.
    See the instructions and additional information on how to purchase any Adobe Creative Cloud products under UCSB's contract, in Box.

Non-standard, not under a contract

Software that is available from our Reseller:

  • Parallels Desktop
    There are two options for purchasing this software.
    ?You can purchase this from our reseller by requesting a quote for the version that you want. It is not a standard item that is listed on their website. You have to request a quote in order to purchase either version.
    1. A boxed version that is a single license with media. No free upgrade options.
    2. A license with maintenance and download key. The maintenance is for 1 year and entitles you to free upgrades when a new version is released during that year.

For more information on Parallels products, please see the Parallels website.

  • Filemaker Pro
    Current versions are listed under the Software Favories in Gateway. You may also request a quote for the version you would like to purchase, from our Reseller. Then, proceed with the purchase through Gateway.

If you have questions on the information listed above, please send your queries to