UCSB College of Letters and Science currently maintains a Qualtrics license to that covers research and educational use. If you are planning to pursue primary data collection using a survey, or conduct an online experiment, please read through the materials below.

1. Requesting a Qualtrics Account

You can request a Qualtrics account if you are a faculty, member of the staff, graduate student in a department in the College of Letters and Science

Click here to request an account

2. Learning Qualtrics

Comprehensive tutorials are available at Qualtrics University

3. Getting IRB Approval

Before you can start data collection you will need to get approval from the UCSB Human Subjects Committee (Institutional Review Board). The IRB is responsible for monitoring all research at UCSB that involves human subjects. Before you can begin your study, it must be reviewed and approved by the IRB. To get your study reviewed, you must complete an application through UCSB’s online application system for the use of Human Subjects. Directions and guidance can be found on the Office of Research website.

The submission deadlines for application review can be found on the login page of the online application system, https://orahs.research.ucsb.edu. You cannot proceed with your research until you receive a notice of approval.

4. Finding your subjects

We do not endorse any of the services below, and you should evaluate the charges they may incur.

Experiments on a limited amount of compensated subjects:

Large scale survey of UCSB students:

Large scale survey of non-UCSB students:

  • You will need to contact other institutions and obtain permission to access their student lists, as well as Human Subjects clearance at those institutions.

Large scale survey of general population:

5. Qualtrics as a teaching tool

We welcome the use of Qualtrics as a teaching tool. If you are a faculty or a grad student, teaching a College of Letters and Science course, please indicate that you would like student access codes when requesting an account.

If you are an undergraduate student and would like an account, it must be managed by your professor or a faculty adviser for use in coursework within the College of Letters and Science. Please ask them to submit an account request (they must indicate the need for student accounts during this process).