JMP Licensing Information

JMP licenses are renewed annually in April. The licenses are effective 15 April to 14 April each year.  Please plan accordingly for your department's need for JMP.

Please fill out the Google form, in order to renew or request a new license. You will need to log into the website with your UCSB NetID and password, in order to view and submit the form.

This software is the copyrighted property of SAS Institute Inc, and contains trade secrets of SAS Institute Inc. All title to the software remains with SAS Institute Inc. at all times.

Participants use the software for academic studies and/or research purposes only, and shall not use the software for any commercial or profit making purposes, or personal financial gain. If the license is discontinued, the user must destroy any copies of the software or be subject to disciplinary or legal action by UCSB and SAS Institute, Inc.

Undergrad students can purchase an academic student license directly from JMP.

Uses of JMP licenses must meet both of these tests:

User is one of the following:

  • UC employees
  • UC employed students
  • Short-term on-site Contractors performing work for UC

Hardware is one of the following:

  • located on Customer's premises which Customer identifies to the SAS lnstitute by type and CPU number (for servers)
  • hardware owned or leased by Customer or Customer's employees (for laptops/desktops/clients).
  • "Customer" is the Regents of the University of California.
  • Student owned computers may qualify while they are emplyed at UCSB. When leaving UCSB, users must remove JMP from their computer.